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How To Kick Start Your Real Estate Career In Nigeria

One frequent question people ask is, how do I start a career in real estate? Usually, I would ask a question back. What are you passionate about?

Money is the answer most of the time. You see real estate agents, investors, brokers who have become very successful didn’t do so overnight, it took them time. It may sound discouraging but it’s a learning process.

I think the shortest route to start would be to align yourself with an agent that is already established. If you don’t make a large amount of money initially be patient. Your time will come, learn all you can from the master.

A wholesaler is a solo individual who gets into the business without money. All he has to do is find a distressed property, put it under contract. Turn around find an investor who has the money. The investor would close on the property and pay him a finder’s fee which could be in the thousands.

A flipper on the other hand is someone with money. He finds a run-down property, buys it cheaply. Renovates or upgrade it and make a huge return on his investment.

We did not talk about forms, contracts or consideration which is needed to bind the transaction. A lawyer can handle this part.

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